9 Clever And Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas You’ll Love

The kitchen is often the most used space in your home — and the least loved. Half-filled spice jars can clutter your countertop. Piles of mismatched containers and lids can overflow from your cabinets. And coffee filters and paper plates can get crammed in your pantry alongside bulky boxes of cereal and bags of bread.

Sometimes, the kitchen can be a total mess. But don’t worry!

Here are 8 clever kitchen organization ideas that will keep your kitchen clutter-free so you can focus on what matters most (no, really): enjoying your food.

1. Store spices, baking ingredients, and snacks in glass jars or other transparent containers.

One of the best ways to save space in your kitchen and keep everything neat is to use transparent containers. Store everything from spices and baking ingredients to cereal, chips, and loose-leaf tea in either glass or plastic containers.

If you plan to store things like flour, sugar, and baking powder on open shelves, opt for attractive matching containers like glass jars, Mason jars, or metal tins.

Free Bonus: Check out our handy decluttering flowchart for determining what kitchen appliances, supplies, or other items (if any) you need to get rid of.

2. Use your walls, ceiling, and doors for vertical kitchen storage.

Take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen. The inside of a pantry door, the sides of your cabinets, and the space above your stove are all creative kitchen organization ideas for cooking tools and cleaning supplies — without having to sacrifice any counter or drawer space.

Nail plastic pencil trays and baskets to the cabinet door below your sink to store extra sponges, rolls of trash bags, and dish soap.

Hang a metal grid above your kitchen island to hang pots and pans — bonus points if they’re all color-coordinated.

Install a simple coat rack into the side of your kitchen island or cabinet to hang pot holders, dish towels, and even pots and pans.

Another easy kitchen organization tip is to hang an over-the-door organizer on the inside of your pantry door to store everything from PowerBars and tea packets to Ziploc bags and tin foil.

3. Store water bottles and thermoses in a wine rack.

Instead of crowding all your reusable water bottles and to-go coffee mugs together on a shelf, use a cheap wine bottle rack to keep them organized and easy to grab.

4. Bring the Lazy Susan back.

Lazy Susans are the little black dresses of kitchens: useful, versatile, convenient, and surprisingly stylish. They can do so much more than sit on the dining table and hold your napkins and condiments for a family dinner.

Get creative and use Lazy Susans in different sizes and different areas of the kitchen. For example, put one in the corner of your counter to corral spices or condiments.

Or stick a Lazy Susan in the fridge to organize beverages or little bowls of pre-chopped and prepped ingredients for dinner.

You can even put a Lazy Susan in a cabinet to hold your jars of flour, rice, and sugar for easy access.

5. Repurpose your office supplies into kitchenware storage.

Instead of stacking pots and pans on top of one another from largest to smallest (a method that looks neat but makes them tricky to access), file them vertically.

Repurpose some of your old or unused file organizers to store cookie sheets, cooling trays, baking tins, pans, and cutting boards.

Watch this fun video from TODAY Home to see how simple this kitchen storage idea is.

6. Use drawer dividers to organize cooking tools.

This kitchen organization idea seems obvious, but it makes a world of difference in your daily routine. Searching for the pointed spatula inside a drawer full of floating ladles, wooden spoons, and tongs is tedious and unnecessary.

This is where drawer dividers come in. You can buy simple wooden dividers you install yourself, or get organizing trays with separate areas for your stuff.

Once you have the dividers, use them to organize items like your entire knife, silverware, or serving utensil sets.

7. Use boxes to organize what drawer dividers can’t.

For all those bulky items or things that don’t lay flat in a drawer, take a tip from expert organizer Marie Kondo and use shoe boxes to store them instead.

You can use shoe boxes (or seagrass baskets, storage bins, and the like) to store rolled-up dish towels, container lids, or measuring cups.

If you have shallow drawers, no worries — you can always put boxes of specific items on your cabinet shelves for easy access. Just be sure to label them clearly so you can grab what you’re looking for in an instant.

Free Bonus: Download our awesome KonMari cheat sheet so you can easily declutter your kitchen and the rest of your home in no time!

8. Repurpose a tension rod to hang cleaning supplies underneath.

Keep your kitchen sink cabinet neat with the help of a simple tension rod. Install one near the top of your cabinet (out of the way of any pipes that might block the space) and use it to hang your bottles of Windex, granite cleaner, and disinfectant.

Want more creative ways to organize your kitchen?

Top 15 Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Grey is such a versatile color. It can be applied to any furniture in your home; tables, cabinets, racks, kitchen islands, you name it. In other side, the color still matches to almost any color, even with light color such as red and yellow!

So, you won’t need much time to mix and match color when deciding to paint your kitchen cabinet with grey.

Some people may consider using grey to paint their kitchen cabinet to avoid the dirty look. But at the same time, grey color also bring more warm feeling to the kitchen. That’s a double bonus!

In this list, you’ll find 15 best ideas of grey kitchen cabinets. Let’s go ahead!

1. Grey Kitchen Cabinet with White Countertop

Grey showcases a very clean look to the kitchen. By having grey kitchen cabinet mixed with white countertop, your kitchen will look very neat.

The combination of white and grey is also perfect to display a warm welcome to the kitchen.

2. Grey Stained Kitchen Cabinet

Edgy and modern, that is what your kitchen going to look like with grey stained kitchen cabinet.

Grey stained color makes your kitchen look very professional and luxurious as if you are in a fancy restaurant. Moreover, it also displays a look of sophistication! Amazing right?

3. L Shaped Kitchen with Grey Cabinet

First off, if you are wondering why you should have L shaped kitchen, it is because this layouts are the most versatile, flexible and least expensive you can choose.

Moreover, when you combine it with grey cabinet, it is going to seem more spacious and ‘homey’.

4. Grey Kitchen Island with Sink

In designing kitchen with grey color, you are not only limited to light grey color only, but you can pick darker grey color.

It will look great for the kitchen and provide a contract look with white color. Additionally, having grey kitchen island especially with sink makes your kitchen look very unique or in other words one of kind.

It will also make it easier for you to clean after everything. Moreover, adding kitchen sink lighting especially with unique lighting will give a different look to the kitchen. It will not only enhance your lighting in the kitchen but also great accessories for the kitchen.

5. Grey Kitchen Island with Lighting

Do you know that most people spend their time in the kitchen? Why do you ask? Without realizing, you spend most of your time in the kitchen, either for cooking, eating or just having a conversation with your family or invited guest.

So, lighting is an important issue to have at the kitchen. Grey kitchen island with lighting will pop the look of your kitchen. Your kitchen will look bright and comfortable place to hang out.

6. Stylish Kitchen with Grey Cabinet

Who doesn’t want a stylish kitchen? Everyone must have been dreaming to have a dreamy kitchen. Grey cabinet can help you achieve the dream!

Grey cabinet will make your kitchen super stylish with its versatile color. It can even be combined with wooden floor and the contrast of the color of grey and wood will make your kitchen look classy and classic.

7. Refreshing Apartment Kitchen with Grey Cabinet

If up to this point you don’t understand why grey works just perfectly for the kitchens, this is one the reason. The color teeters between relaxing neutrality and an exciting warmth.

It manages to provide the best of both worlds. Now, if you would like to have a refreshing apartment kitchen, grey cabinet is your best choice. Choosing the right shade of gray for kitchen could be difficult, but you can always improvise.

Take a look at the picture, combining grey cabinet with wooden floor and white countertop serves the perfect look. Moreover, you can add a little accessory of plant to refresh the look of your kitchen.

8. Grey and White Kitchen Cabinet

Grey and white serves the best look for kitchen indeed! The combination of grey and white make your kitchen looks super sophisticated, modern and homey.

Mixing grey and white kitchen cabinet is a smart movie since they provide a contrast look so that the combination is just perfect to be seen.

9. All In One Kitchen Set in Grey Color

Who said that grey is dull color? You are wrong to think that grey is boring. You need to find the right balance and design to create a cheerful and unique look with grey color.

All in one kitchen set in grey color can be combined with furniture that is in bright colors such as yellow like in the picture. It serves a great contrast look and looks very cheerful.

Don’t be afraid to combine grey with bright and colorful colors because as you can see, grey match will almost anything!

10. Grey Kitchen Cabinet with Yellow Walls

One thing that you should never do is having all grey color kitchens. It will create such a dull and dry look to the kitchen. Therefore, when you want to have a grey kitchen, you should be smart in combining this color with the proper choice.

Grey kitchen cabinet with yellow walls serves a classic and timeless look for the kitchen. It looks traditional and very warmth.

You are going to miss every second of your day when you are away from the kitchen if you have a homey kitchen. Grey and yellow is such a great combination because of its distinct shade.

11. Grey Kitchen Rack and White Cabinet

Elegance is something rare to be found in the kitchen. But if you do want to have an elegant kitchen, this is one of the best choices that you can try to apply to your kitchen.

What is it? Grey kitchen rack with white cabinet. The versatile and calm color of grey in the kitchen rack will pop out nicely especially when combined with white cabinet. It will create an elegance look to the kitchen because of its fancy and calm vibe.

12. Glossy Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Who said that you cannot combine dark shade color with another dark shade as well? Take a look at the design above, grey kitchen cabinet is combined with dark countertop.

The kitchen gives a classic and homey atmosphere to the house, especially when added by wooden floor.

If want to combine these dark color, you could add a bit more creativity or unique design to create a contrast look with what’s around the kitchen.

13. U-Shaped Kitchen with Grey Cabinet

The U-shaped kitchen is possibly one of the most practical kitchen layouts and is able to give an additional run of potential storage or appliance space in contrast to a galley kitchen or L-shaped kitchen.

This type of layout can work any size of spaces, either large or small. Nonetheless, small kitchen will benefit the most from this layout. With grey cabinet, your kitchen will look even more spacious. More importantly, it will look super fancy and neat. Aren’t you glad?

14. Farmhouse Style Kitchen with Grey Island

Having farmhouse style kitchen will bring benefit to make the kitchen look cozy and very welcoming.

Additionally, if you want to make it look more fancy and neat, you can combine the design of farmhouse style with Grey Island.

Why? Wooden design and grey shade fit perfectly together. It gives a nice contrast look to the kitchen.

Moreover, you can even add unique and huge design of lamp to make the look of your kitchen better.

15. Minimalist Grey Kitchen Cabinet

In creating a minimalist look, grey shade should be the first thing that pop up to your mind.

Why? Because grey shade gives a neutral tone to the kitchen; therefore, it shows a minimalist appearance.

Additionally, grey shade doesn’t give you much trouble; you can always combine this color with anything. Take a look at the picture for example, it shows a very minimalist look yet sophisticated with the addition of wooden countertops.

15 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas & Inspirations

As the weather gets warmer, cooking alfresco is so much better than staying cooped up inside your kitchen. Dinner parties get moved to the deck, the barbecue grill gets fired up more and more, and guests naturally gravitate towards balcony doors or backyard chairs to take in the warm, summer air. Upgrade your open-air entertaining with these outdoor kitchen ideas, and turn your backyard, rooftop or balcony into the hottest spot to be this season!

1. Counter Service

Transform your deck into an entertainment hub by opening up a window to your kitchen to create a service bar, or servery, like the above from Three Birds Renovations via Caesarstone. Painting the area white and accenting with teak makes the space feel light, airy and perfect for a late night dinner party.

2. Backyard Built-Ins

If you don’t have a large yard that could fit a whole kitchen arbor, you can always improvise with a built-in outdoor nook. This concrete cooking space from Country Living was inspired by a Pinterest photo featuring the work of Dutch designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer, who specializes in using raw, organic materials to create clean, minimalist spaces.

3. Room for Brews

Details make the kitchen. If you love entertaining and plan to throw plenty of outdoor parties, consider installing a two-drawer refrigerator, like this one from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, to neatly house all your choice brews.

4. Under the Stars

For a more mid-century vibe, this kitchen from Sunset was built using aluminum and then offset with redwood slats on the ceiling and on the front panel of the bar. Retro bar chairs and strings of carnival lights give it a whimsical feel.

5. Small Victory

Chef Stephanie Izard’s outdoor kitchen—who is the acclaimed Chicago chef behind Girl & the Goat—proves you don’t need a ton of square footage to build an impressive outdoor kitchen. The kitchen, from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, uses a classic brick enclosure for the appliances, and the soapstone countertops offer plenty of prep space. The large rustic table in the center, invites guests to sit back and wait for what is sure to be a delicious meal.

6. Mambo Italiano

Inspired by a visit to Italy, this Maine kitchen featured in Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet uses a blend of locally-quarried granite and cedar for a rustic, Tuscan feel.

7. Arbor on Wheels

If you want a spot to entertain your guests in your backyard but don’t have a lot of room, try copying The Horticult and make a rolling arbor. You can roll it into place when your shindig is under way, and tuck it back when you need more space in your yard for other things. This one was made with two industrial step ladders that only cost $60: a cheap and eye-catching DIY.

8. Write On

Another charming takeaway from The Horticult‘s outdoor kitchen space is the black chalkboard paint on the wall above the workstation, where the dinner or drink menu is on display for all diners to see.

9. Heavy Metal

If you have a more modern aesthetic, take a page out of Austin Outdoor Design‘s book and use chrome accents to create a contemporary prep space.

10. Up and Down

Vertical cedar paneling gives this outdoor kitchen from Mark Szczerbicki Design Studio a modern ’70s-like feel.

11. Black Out

For those who enjoy a more contemporary look, New Eco Landscape Design & Build created an outdoor kitchen using cedar with steel outlines for the counters and prep space, offset with an unexpected black floor.

12. On Display

Who said that open shelving should be limited to indoor kitchens? In this indoor-outdoor kitchen in Hawaii, designer Nicole Hollis shows us that those always-chic shelves deserve to soak up the sun as well.

13. Patten Play

Don’t underestimate the power of pattern! Hillary Duff’s Los Angeles home, spotted in Better Homes & Gardens, proves that an easy way to add personality to your outdoor kitchen is to enlist a graphic pattern by way of outdoor tile.

14. Show & Tell

This kitchen from House Beautiful carries just the right amount of kitsch. Don’t be afraid to take some of those beloved antiques or found art pieces, and bring them outside. Here, mixed with a copper countertop, the trinkets feel tasteful and put-together.

15. U Can

If you have the room for a big outdoor kitchen but don’t necessarily want to build a separate structure to house it, try arranging it in a u-shaped layout to maximize function and create an attractive nook, like this kitchen from House Beautiful.

13 Free Dining Room Table Plans for Your Home

Use one of these simple cost-free dining room table intends to develop a spot for your household togather and eat, and produce remembrances. You’ll get a desk to suit tiny to big dining spaces on the list under.

Building a dining room table may seem like a big project, but it is pretty ? straightforward. It’s a massively satisfying task that won’t require over a couple of days to complete. These dining room table ideas have all that you should build one, step-by-phase constructing recommendations, photos, diagrams and tips and in many cases video clips.?

If you’re looking for a more rustic table, be sure to look at this set of free farmhouse table plansplans, there are all different styles of dining room table plans here but. They’re very easy to construct and will provide you with a fantastic traditional but stylish seem.m Table Strategies for Your Home


01. Cost-free Dining Room Table Program from Shanty 2 Fashionable

This free dining room table plan was inspired by a table that cost over $2,000000, but you should be able to make this one for around $100.

If you follow along with the written instructions, we like this plan because the cutting diagrams and illustrations are color-coded to make assembly easy.

Here are some DIY matching benches to complete the look if you decide to build this table.

Shanty 2 Trendy has various other free eating out desks that we think are worth your interest similar to this roundtable and that Pottery Barn inspired dinner table.

02. Free of charge Pallet Cusine Roob Desk Strategy from the Beautiful Mess

There’re lots of stuff you can create out of pallet timber, including this dining room table. On account of how basic the dinner table is, there aren’t several actions to completing it. The table uses hairpin legs instead of wooden legs like what most other tables from this list useuse, as you can see in this picture.

03. Free of charge Dining Room Table Strategy from Laugh And Wave

There isn’t very much to the dining room table either, so it needs to be relatively easy to put together. Just like the dining room table plan earlier mentioned, this table also makes use of hairpin thighs and legs. A supplies list is given for youyou before all the assembly pictures and instructions/tips.

04. “Free of charge Desk From a Front door” Prepare in the Hand crafted Property

If you have an old door lying aroundaround, then this dining room table plan from The Handmade Home may be just for you. Given that not all entry doors are similar specifications, it’s important to browse through the actions carefully to evolve the recommendations to suit your doorway dimension.

05. Cost-free Dining Room Table Strategy in the Style Private

This table could possibly have some inspiration coursing via it by using a custom tabletop design. Such as the picture on this page, a number of the panels could deal with one particular direction as well as the other folks one more.

The dinner table holds 30″ from the ground, is definitely around 40″ deeply, and expands about 71″ from still left to correct.

All of the lumber, cuts and tools and supplies that are needed to construct the whole dinner table are integrated just before the directions, that are super clear and understandable and comply with.

06. Free Demilune Dining Room Table Program from Designs by Studio room C

This free dining room table program from Styles by Recording studio C is perfect for building a fifty percent-moon desk that could expand out to a complete spherical desk top.

This might sound confusing to buildbuild, but all the instructions and color-coded pictures are present in the plan so that you can fully understand how it works and how to assemble the parts.

There’s a full materials list and minimize list in addition to a explanation of the particular lumber you’ll must develop the dining room table.

07. Free Dining Room Table Program from Woodgears.ca

This is merely your normal standard desk with several hip and legs as well as a wonderful even rectangle-shaped table top rated.

Make sure to follow the more steps with the quite bottom part in the Woodgears.ca website to learn to secure the structure. Also, check this out webpage for a selection of the construction illustrations.

Check out this round dining room table from Woodgears.ca if you’d rather have a roundtable. They also have an incredible hunting desk by using a wood-tiled kitchen table top here.

08. Totally free Dining Room Table Strategy through the Design Personal

Here’s a no cost dining room table plan from The Design Private that’s for any table 7 ft very long and 40″ serious. Both the groups of hip and legs in this particular kitchen table are coloured with metal paint making it seem like they’re made of steel.

The instructions are obvious, and the images constantly coloration from the bit of the task how the move is describing.

Here’s yet another totally free dining room table strategy through the Style Personal that clarifies how to make a trestle dinner table.

09. Free Domestic plumbing Water pipe Dining Room Table Strategy from 4 Males 1 Woman

This dining table strategy is a bit better than many of the other individuals in this particular list simply because it’s not created completely of hardwood but instead needs some domestic plumbing water pipe for the hip and legs.

This table should do the job if you’re into an outdoor or interesting look for your dining room. You can even create a coordinating a single for your personal veranda and enjoy the independence to maneuver them all around when you like due to linked rims.

10. Totally free By-Lower body Dining Room Table Prepare from Sawdust Young lady

This dining room table seems great with the two X-shaped thighs. It’s 5 ft . very long and about 28″ high.

You require a drill, plus a miter discovered to construct this dining room table. Each of the components and cutting guidelines are included therefore it shouldn’t be hard at all to put together.

Also from Sawdust Woman are these X-lower body benches that might go great together with the dinner table.

11. Cost-free Arrange for a Dining Room Set up from Lowe’s

This free dining room table plan from Lowe’s also includes instructions for developing corresponding seats. The full established is claimed to cost less than $150 to construct.

As well as a list of all the materials and tools the project requires, before the written instructions is a video so you can get an idea of how the different parts are going to fit together. Additionally, there are some valuable diagrams and reducing listings.

This dining room table from Lowe’s is 78″ wide, 36″ deeply, and holds at about 30″.

12. Free of charge Monastery Dining Room Table Plan from Rogue Expert

As you can see in the picture, there are some unique designs to the feet of this dining room table, but you can build it all by yourself if you follow the pictures and instructions carefully.

There’s a cut list, tools collection, and resources list within the dining table strategies, so ensure you supply the required items prior to getting started.

The dimensions for this particular dining room table put it at 30″ from your surface, 63″ throughout from kept to proper, and only more than 38″ deep.

13. Modern Antique Build-it-yourself Dining Room Table from Shanty 2 Trendy

Traditional satisfies modern in this cost-free Build-it-yourself dining room table strategy from Shanty 2 Chic. The best part is that you can build for only $50 in lumber.

This whole list of free plans includes a supply list, minimize collection, phase-by-move creatingdirections and diagrams, color photos, and even a video.

Stylish Dining Room Ideas

Coast Lowcountry Dining Room

In this particular interior, integrating grays, blues, and pops of vibrant natural with neutrals will keep the color plan tranquil. Striped slipcovered chairs are an easy nautical feel. Light blue nubbly bed linen drapes with quite patterned toned are similar to the remainder of the decoration: refined but peaceful.

Make an Entrance

This gently designed Idarica Gazzoni wallpaper using a trompe l’oeil seat rail structures the preppy, coral-hued dining room.


Perform Up an enjoyable Shade

Just like gold components include an on-craze vibe with an out? t, the nice and cozy hues of brushed golden ? atware and adorned glasses add ? nesse and glow to a informal kitchen table.

Covering Neutrals for any Comfortable Seem

“To give Land French my minimalist spin, I avoid the anticipated ruffles and plaids and maintain it in regards to the colored collectibles and white-colored linens,” affirms house owner and designer Regina Lynch. She, together with fashionable Destiny Lynch (who also is actually Regina’s girl) emerged collectively to make this “significantly less-is more” style.

Low-Profile Eating out Corner

Even small places need a designated cusine location. Developer Matthew Bees used the nook beneath the steps with this Charleston loft to create an ideal place. The addition of a little chandelier ties the nook collectively.

Relaxed Sitting

This room serves as a local library/having area. The room is casually arranged having asofa and table, and counter forced against the shelving.

Provide a A little Strong Coloration

The homeowners desired to have a clean, dazzling dining room, so fashionable Ashley Whittaker helped them decide on a showstopping lettuce environmentally friendly color for that shiny lacquered surfaces after which kicked it up a notch with dazzling coral upholstered cusine recliners. Colored lantern sconces along with a modern, several-arm, unlacquered brass chandelier engage in off of the everyday frame of mind set up through the sugary/tart color system.

Combine Color and Style

Play with household furniture variations to attain a personalized appear. Just unify with coloration. These reddish lacquer bamboo-design part chairs include a bold impact of color that coordinates with all the case decorations with this room.

Soften the room with Linens

Straightforward particulars much like the complete of the linens support set the tone of your respective eating room. This circular kitchen table and antique chairs are covered in straightforward bed linen and checked materials. A dainty scalloped side on the table and chairs topper brings a ornamental feel.

Help save Area with Built-Ins

Add storage space to a small eating region with a built in the far east case. You’ll also have the opportunity to integrate architectural details like decorative trimwork, even though you’ll not only save floorspace.

Offer a Amount of Traditions

Leta Foster has spent the past 35 yrs creating decorations very well that her 3 daughters put into practice in her own footsteps, getting the “Andamp; Employees” in the firm. Once this your morning meal area project inside an early-1900s Richmond residence came to Leta, she tapped child Sallie Giordano to collaborate. Together, they furnished the space to suit a youthful household whilst keeping its initial architect, William Bottomley.

Generate Level of privacy with Bank account Doors

Receive the cost-free targeted traffic flow of any wide open plan and also the intimacy of a shut dining room by utilizing sliding bank account doors. Around the still left aspect with this room, reclaimed heart-pine bank account entrance doors can be closed to conceal your kitchen.

Produce a Relaxing Color scheme

Wall surfaces included in simple azure grass material develop a peaceful space that’s welcoming and warm.

Brighten With Windows

Normal lighting creates a dining room magnet. A clutch system of recliners usually located in a living area, which include two English wing chairs, amps up this room’s design. Material furniture unites the mismatched antique recliners.

Mix Covers

Put textural degree by combining furniture textiles. These dining recliners sports activity designed upholstery cushions, and also the backs are protected inside a coordinating reliable.

Acquire Your Cue from your Organic Area

Reflecting its forested area, this property is decked out in a number of normal materials from hard-hewn beams to rustic home furniture created from tree branches.


Eating bedrooms may be easily made into multiuse places. A large dining room table function work surface tends to make this room a great location to double as the homeowner’s design and style business office. samples and Books can quickly be stowed in units when visitors arrive above.

Produce a Small Dining Room Look Larger

Aesthetically increase a little dining room keeping the colour pallette monochromatic and redecorating it with a spherical desk and armless eating out recliners. This sharp green dining room can feel airy and open although the area is little.

Add Size

Focus on the size of the dining room with vertical stripes. Ground-to-ceiling house windows also aid this area sense lofty and light.

Plan Ahead for Mobility

Put shelving for increased flexibility. A wall of collection cabinets in this particular dining room increases the inviting cabin offers and feel property owners the option for converting the place into a workplace.