5 Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms

You’ve finally got around to decorating your small bathroom and you’re really keen on the idea of tiles, but you have no idea what sort of tile will work best in a tiny room. Fear not, we have some fantastic bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms right here!’

When it comes to bathrooms, we all dream of having that grand setting with a huge, luxurious freestanding bath, high ceilings and maybe some marble… no, make that lots of marble. Unfortunately, in the real world the majority of us have much smaller bathrooms than those grandiose examples we see on TV and in the movies.

With small bathrooms, one thing that’s really important is how you decorate your walls and floors. The best small bathroom tiling ideas will create the illusion of space and style, but if you choose the wrong tile design it could create the opposite effect; resulting in a miniature nightmare. With so many bathroom tiles to choose from, our experts have put together some farsighted ideas that will style your small bathroom for years to come.

1. Big Or Small Is Ace When Short On Space

Bathroom tile sizes vary from tiny mosaic tiles to gigantic tiles which can reach meters in length. It’s not a very good idea to use meter long, gigantic tiles in most small bathrooms because the tile will get cut off a lot; creating tons of waste, and potentially interrupting the pattern or style, although there are no rules so the choice is always yours at the end of the day.

On the other hand large bathroom tiles, usually measuring between 30 – 60cm, tend to create a calm feel which is perfect for bathrooms with limited space. If you’re tempted by the thought of using large or medium-sized tiles then square shapes with neutral colours, such as white or grey, are ideal. Other options to consider with bigger tiles are rectangular-shaped tiles. There’s plenty more to choose from allowing you to get the perfect style and a variety of tiling patterns can be made to help jazz the room up a bit.

Small bathroom tiles also work really well, but be aware that smaller tiles can sometimes create a busy feel. Avoid this by using light colours and refrain from using small tiles with heavy pattern features. Mosaic tiles are probably the most popular choice and can make a stunning feature wall around the basin area. Another great option here is mini metro tiles. Metro tiles are right on trend and these mini versions are perfectly suited to small bathrooms, en-suites and cloakrooms.

Smaller tiles tend to give you much more versatility and room for the style to breathe

2. Go For Light When Space Is Tight

The colour of your bathroom tiles can really make an impact in a small bathroom. Most people go for light hues such as white, cream and light grey although many small bathrooms still look fantastic with darker shades.

Neutral colours help keep the tone of a room calm and clean which really helps in smaller rooms. Choose a neutral bathroom tile colour scheme and it’ll provide the illusion of more space and as an added benefit will be a hit with potential buyers should you ever come to sell your home.

Alternatively, plan a monochrome colour scheme with your bathroom tiles. This is a really easy style to achieve and it looks awesome in small settings. Using black and white metro tiles is one of the best tiling ideas for small bathrooms. Their glossy finish allows light to be reflected around the room and they’re so modish; with no sign of disappearing from the scene anytime soon.

If you’re wondering which bathroom colours are big for 2018 then take a look at this great guide.

3. For adding Style Think Patterned Tiles

Patterned bathroom tiles can make a small bathroom feel very busy which can sometimes create a cluttered feel, so do air on the side of caution if you’re adamant about using one of these popular styles. One of the easiest tiling ideas for small bathrooms, en suites or cloakrooms is to create a feature wall with your patterned tiles. This will totally impress your guests and help keep eyes off the floor. The floor space in a bathroom is a real giveaway when you’re trying to create the illusion of space so it’s imperative that you try to keep eyes away from it.

Patterned bathroom floor tiles are much easier to work into small spaces and are a great way of decorating without cramping style. If you want a stylish bathroom floor then patterned floor tiles are a great choice. They’re highly popular right now and well worth considering for your small bathroom, just be aware that they will draw attention to the floor space which will negate any efforts to make the room appear larger than it is.

If you’re wondering why patterned tiles work so well in bathrooms take a look at this great article.

4. Reflective Surfaces Love Smaller Spaces

In a small bathroom light plays a huge part on whether or not the room will look smaller or larger than it really is. When you’re thinking about small bathroom tile ideas then you may want to consider tiles with a glossy, glass or mirror finish. Glossy finishes allow light to bounce around the room effortlessly whilst the glass and mirrored finishes will totally enhance the feeling of space.

Other finishes which are great tile designs for small bathrooms are marble and stone finishes. Marble bathroom tiles can have a slight gloss finish although not all do. A light colour in this style of tile can really create an elegant feel. Stone bathroom tiles are hugely popular in bathrooms. A neutral tone stone tile can be great for both walls and floors.

A small bathroom can really shine when you make use of these finishes.

5. Prevent A Claustrophobic Feeling; Tile Floor To Ceiling

Unfortunately, small spaces can quite easily create a feeling of confinement which can be a little unpleasant, especially if you’re claustrophobic. One suggestion is to tile the bathroom from floor to ceiling with the same tile in order to create a sense of continuity, which ultimately makes the room feel larger and more spacious. This not only reduces that restricted feeling but it can be a real head turning feature too.

As we’ve discovered, there’s lots of small bathroom tiling ideas out there to ensure you can get the perfect look. The main takeaways from this guide are to choose light, neutral colours to prevent a clustered feel. Size of tile shouldn’t matter too much although gigantic tiles are best left for larger spaces. Reflective surfaces will ensure an even distribution of light throughout the room which helps create a sense of space; perfect for small cramped spaces, and you should opt for feature walls when using patterned tiles, or use the same tile from floor to ceiling for a striking appearance. If you need more than just tiling ideas for small bathrooms then these 21 simple small bathroom ideas will really help you get the most from your space.

Another handy little tool is this tile calculator. Use it to work out how many tiles you’ll need for your bathroom or any other room in the home; perfect for when you’re ready to buy your tiles.

We really hope you found our 5 Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Bathrooms guide useful and we wish you the best of luck with your next project. Feel free to get in touch or leave a comment with any of your own tile ideas or suggestions and as always, please share this article with someone you know who may find it useful too!

17 brilliant bathroom storage ideas to solve ALL your clutter problems

Messy bathroom? What you need are our brilliant bathroom storage ideas. We have solutions for spaces big and small which will help you get your cluttered bathroom looking tidy and organised once and for all!

Want the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of? You can get it! All you need to do is make a few simple changes. Transform your untidy bathroom today with these top bathroom storage ideas.

Bathroom storage ideas for your bath & shower

Share the bathroom with a few people, and toiletries can soon get out of control. We’re sharing some great ways to keep everything organised and tidy below – check them out!

1. Over-the-bath shelf

Over-the-bath shelves are all the rage, and it’s no wonder! Not only do they provide a practical, out-of-the-way solution for storing toiletries, but they also look pretty.

Pick one up today and your bathroom will be well on the way to being Pinterest-worthy.

2. Fruit & veg stand

No shelf space? Invent some of your own using a tiered storage basket.

These can either be placed on the floor by your bath, or on the bath ledge if you have room. They’re a wonderful way to organise some of your more aesthetic-looking supplies and requires very little work.

3. Bathroom storage ideas for the kids’ toys

Whilst we’re on the topic of tiered baskets, why not create a new bathroom storage system for the kids’ toys using hanging baskets? This will keep everything out of the way, and also enable the toys to drain, preventing mould and nasty smells.

4. Hanging toiletries organiser

Are you inundated with toiletries? What you need is a hanging shower organiser.

Just like a classic over-the-door organiser, it has separate pockets to keep all your toiletries nice and tidy.

5. Clever bath panel storage

There are bath panels and then there are bath panels.

Victorian Plumbing’s Stowaway bath panels are so unique. Not only do they provide you with more storage, but they make everything easy to access whilst being unvisible to the human eye.

We definitely want one – do you?

6. Suction cup shower storage

Bathroom storage ideas don’t get much cheaper than this.

If you’re looking for a simple solution for your shampoo, shower gel and conditioner, this suction cup idea from Dollar Store Crafts could be perfect for you.

All you need are some suction cups and hair ties – it really couldn’t be easier.

More toiletries than you know what to do with? Our bathroom storage ideas have you covered! Check them out below.

7. Compact shelves for every space

Even the smallest of spaces can be utilised for storing toiletries in your bathroom.

In the above photo, Kevin And Amanda show us that with a bit of stylish organisation of your products, visible shelving can be squeezed onto just about every wall, and be a great bathroom feature.

8. Over-the-sink bathroom storage

Still need space for those toiletries? We have loads of other great bathroom storage ideas for you, including this nifty over-the-sink storage crate from Itsy Bits And Pieces.

What a great way to upcycle an old vintage item and create extra storage too.

9. DIY compact cabinet storage

What a brilliant idea! We love the added labels.
If you want to keep all your toiletries organised out-of-view, why not build some handy compartments on the back of your bathroom cabinet doors?

Remodel-aholic has shared a step-by-step tutorial for this wonderful storage solution on her site. Go take a look – it’s surprisingly simple!

10. Under sink storage unit

No unit under the sink? No problem! You can pick up something fairy cheaply that will fit around your sink pedestal and under the basin to give you even more bathroom storage.

The benefit of this is that it takes up no extra space and is completely out of the way. You’ll even be able to use the top of the cabinet as a shelf – genius!

We particularly like the one shown above from House Of Bath which is just £49.95 – a great investment.

11. DIY sink pedestal cover

Want an even cheaper under-the-sink solution? If you’ve got some basic sewing skills, it will be easy to knock up a pretty ‘skirt’ for your sink.

This will act as a curtain to hide anything you want to store underneath – think storage boxes, and lots of them!

Get the tutorial at One Kings Lane.

Is your makeup-brush collection getting out of control? Or perhaps you’re sick of having to untangle your hairdryer wire everytime you want to use it? Whatever the problem, the bathroom storage ideas below will take care of all your tools and electricals.

12. DIY copper cup organisers for your bathroom wall

Now, this really is the perfect way to store all your makeup and tools. A Beautiful Mess upcycled some plain copper cups and mounted them onto a plank of wood, which they then fixed to the wall.

If you’ve run out of furniture storgae space, making use of the walls is a great way around it, and this is one of the most aesthetic ways of doing so.

13. Lazy Susan storage solution

If you thought Lazy Susans were only for use in the kitchen, think again!

Lazy Susans are a bathroom storage solution in themselves, and the perfect place to keep all your nail varnishes, makeup brushes, preening tools and more.

14. Hanging organiser for your bathroom supplies

In keeping with the pretty ideas above is this hanging organiser by Glamour.

It’s a budget-friendly option, requiring just a small amount of work but yielding amazing results. The project is customisable, meaning you can choose the distance between each bucket.

With that in mind, it’s a great option for storing your hairbrushes, straighteners, hair dryers and other electricals.

15. Magnetic wall strip for your preening & grooming

Who knew bathroom storage ideas could be so simple?

Dark Room And Dearly has made such good use of this IKEA magnetic knife rack, by using it in her bathroom to store tweezers, scissors, bobby pins and more.

Not only is this a wonderful storage solution, but it will keep sharp items out of the kids’ grasps too.

Big family? Don’t allow towels to be left lying around all over the place. Get yourself a towel organisation system so no one has any excuses to leave a mess lying around.

16. Back-of-the-door towel rails

If you don’t have room for a towel rack in your bathroom, back-of-the-door towel rails could be the ideal solution.

Rails are easy to come by, cheap, and you only need very basic DIY skills to put them up. If you think this would be great in your bathroom, head over the Jenna Burger for the tutorial.

17. Over-the-door storage

Back-of-the-door; over-the-door – who knew that your bathroom door could be transformed in so many ways.

Over the door storage will provide you with a super tidy and sleek space to store even more towels. With this project, a bit of work goes a long way, and you’ll love this permanent shelf for years to come.

Want one? Let The 2 Seasons show you how it’s done!

10 of Our Favorite Shower Tile Ideas

With our tile tips in tow, you can start exploring the many design options for your shower. These ideas should inspire you!

1. Marble-Look Walls and Mosaic Flooring

Marble-look ceramic tile walls and mosaic flooringMarble-look ceramic tile walls with a large horizontal running bond pattern and coordinating mosaic grid flooring give this bathroom an elegant look. Using the same flooring throughout the entire bathroom visually amplifies the space.

2. Make Mine a Combo

Ceramic tile feature wallWhen you have a tub and shower combination, you may have the opportunity to create a feature wall with decorative tile. We love the color consistency of this decor,

especially with the unique tile flooring pattern! For tubs that are not freestanding, consider a tub surround with your ceramic tile choice.

3. Rustic Rectangles

Rustic rectangular tileThis unadorned, urban vibe is accentuated by large rectangular panels and a curbless shower.

4. Sleek Subway Tile

Sleek subway ceramic tile shower wallWhite subway tile provides a classic feature backdrop that contrasts well with the slate gray flooring (notice that the grout in the subway tile picks up the color of the floor tile).

5. Diamond Rug Accent

Diamond rug ceramic tile accent on a shower wallThis lighter diamond rug accent pattern of tile on the shower wall pops against the darker natural stone-effect tile. The lighter grout accentuates the tile on the floors and walls and compliments the feature area.

6. Modern Octagon and Dot

Octagon and dot ceramic tile shower wallThe varying yellow tones of these octagon and dot shower walls make for a bold contrast with the black grid flooring, creating a striking look.

7. Subtle Accents

Ceramic shower tile with a floral patternSubtle floral patterns accent the earth tones of this shower for a clean, comforting environment. While the shower walls feature a rectangular grid, the flooring uses a mosaic for added slip resistance.

8. Not Your Average Black and White

Modern farmhouse bathroom with ceramic tileThis modern farmhouse bathroom is a mastery of complements and contrasts: rustic white brick walls against charcoal mosaic shower floor tiles surrounded by a feature floor of unique patterns that bring together all the color elements in this bathroom.

9. Better Where It’s Wetter

Mosaic ceramic tile window border in a showerThe blues, yellows, and greens in this mosaic window border add an under-the-sea sensation to this shower’s earthy, variegated subway tile walls and iridescent navy tiled ceiling.

10. Aqua Agua

Vertical aqua subway tile provides an invigorating pop against the white on white subway and the stone-look mosaic tiles completing this look. A curbless shower allows the flooring to flow in and out of the shower (but the water stays IN)!

13 Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Ideas

There’s nothing at all glamorous or dreamy concerning a common roof lighting in the bathroom. Know how designers take bathrooms from blah to great along with the use of candelabrums, decorative wall sconces, boundary as well as recessed lighting fixtures.

When Illuminating the Tub Area, observe Codes

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathon Scott gave this little restroom a huge dose of beauty along with oh-so-chic hints like silver-foil wallpaper, an antique mirror as well as a gold-leafed clawfoot tub topped through a tiny crystal light fixture. While putting up lighting fixtures straight above a tub appears fantastic, be sure to comply with building regulations for your location. Lots of indicate that the foundation of the candelabrum or any sort of pendant-style lighting be actually a minimum required of 8 feets above the tub with the tip that you should not have the ability to touch any component of the component while filling in a tub filled with water.


Illumination the Vanity Area Evenly

For this cottage-style bathroom, developer Sarah Richardson chose a pair of flashy represented candlesticks, as opposed to a standard bar-style narcissism illumination, to flank the Venetian looking glass. Certainly not just perform the sconces function wonderfully within this womanly area, they’re likewise a terrific selection for igniting the narcissism area since they provide even traverse lighting along with low glow.

Create a Statement With Mod

Developer Tina Muller puts the completing discuss this huge, streamlined expert restroom with a show-stopping chandelier. 24 modern chrome divisions finish in a low-voltage LED bulb to supply plenty of lighting while making use of a lot less power than regular incandescent or even CFL light bulbs.

Light the Shower Safely

Lights a shower area could be challenging– one policy to follow: merely make use of installations that are measured for usage in wet or wet places. The three maritime clam-shell style lights along the back wall surface of this HGTV Dream Home shower are a good example. The light bulbs plus all electrical elements are totally enclosed thus humidity isn’t an issue.

Go With the Flow

Matching an illumination installation’s type to the bathroom’s total appeal is actually regularly a winner. Right here, HGTV follower dwanderson made use of a light weight aluminum gooseneck shed lighting to illuminate her farmhouse-style bathroom. An economical discover, the outdoor-rated component casts plenty of illumination while adding an unforeseen contact that looks right in your home.

Include Layers

The technique to correctly lighting a shower room while creating an elegant sense, says professional Scott Arthur Yerkey, is actually to make use of numerous coatings. Consist of makeup lights alongside wall candlesticks, place decorative ceiling illuminations over the tub place and also illuminate any kind of art displayed. Moreover, include boundary recessed lighting. For glimmer, he proposes crystal or even glass.

Area It Right

San Francisco-based Warren Sheets of Warren Sheets Design, Inc. mentions LED lights is actually the perfect option for generating a fantastic as well as soft radiance in the professional bathtub, however they must be actually placed appropriately. Called “background,” this sort of lighting operates best when you intend to light under an elevated furniture-style vanity, alongside shelves or niche markets and also as nook illumination on the ceiling. Digital Photography by Michael Lipman.

Prompt the Glitz

Lonnie Unger, head of state of Susan Fredman Design Group, recommends incorporating a glamorous seek to your restroom by thinking of what is actually within your jewelry box. “Add a contact of jewelry,” she encourages, like this beaded necklace. The glitzy lights is actually the ideal enhance to this lavatory’s gold linen wallpaper. Style through Pal + Smith

Add a Magical Sparkle

In reference to a job her co-worker Terri Crittenden made, Lonnie recommends putting up a crystal necklace over the sink and also looking glass to sprinkle a gentle radiance throughout the area. Photograph thanks to Susan Fredman Design Group

Introduce Some Drama

For this washroom, developer Melissa Salamoff, leader of Salamoff Design Studio, created a significant, jewel-like result through recessing the mirror into the wall surface and including LED strips at both the top and also base. Bouncing off the looking glass, the light successfully lights up the narcissism location and also is similar to the kind of illumination you would certainly see in a Hollywood suiting up space.

Health club It Up

That does not dream their professional bath could believe that an unparalleled health spa? The right lighting installations, regulated by dimmer buttons, is one method to obtain the appearance, points out developer Melissa Salamoff. For an advanced glow above the tub, she advises you miss the dropped may illuminations as well as rather go down a soffit over the tub and also combine indirect illumination, including LED bits, over it.

Shade the Light

Featuring a sculptural shape, frosted appearance as well as laser-cut styles, Kichler Lighting’s Jardine Bath assortment reveals the a lot more subtle aspect to lamp shades for the restroom. Photo courtesy of Kichler

Hue It Down

When you’re looking for a dreamy restroom appearance, do not acquire removed with the layout plan, points out Sarah Barnard of Sarah Barnard Design in Santa Monica, Calif. A supporter of Nesson lighting products, she picks 2 basic wall structure sconces that look like candelabrums to ignite the vanity area. Along with a dimmer switch, the white colored glass diffuses the light in the room, while a shade palette of blues as well as grays specified the state of mind.

Awesome, Sleek Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You Need Now

The hottest specialist items like the Apple Watch or apple iphone 6, the Tesla S sportscar or even a Bang and Olufsen BeoVision TELEVISION all possess something alike: the current in cutting-edge, modern layout. Take the attributes that make them gorgeous, like smart fluid series and also the most recent tech– as well as utilize all of them for your washroom redesigning ideas.

According to Remodel Magazine’s annual report of expense versus market value remodel projects, the washroom remodel is among the top ventures that carries a great profit on your financial investment. Receiving your makeover expenditures back when you market your house is vital, yet enjoying a design-forward shower room is better.


The most valuable remodel projects have 3 important features. Keep all of them in mind when considering restroom makeover tips:

1. Reduced Maintenance

Selecting coatings that are actually easy to maintain looking well-maintained as well as new not simply conserves you cash and also attend upkeep, however likewise expands the lifestyle of your remodel by looking brand new and also new a lot longer. Think about the observing suggestions for a low servicing bathroom:

— Quartz counters as opposed to marble
— Quality taps that are actually created to last a life-time
— Glass shower doors treated with water anti-spotting agents

2. Electricity Efficient

Among a residence’s greatest selling points today is electricity financial savings. Water deficiencies and climbing electrical costs create this a top priority for house purchasers. Energy performance is also huge from the ecological standpoint.

When planning your bathroom remodel, these products maximize energy efficiency:

— Tankless heater
— Low circulation commodes and also taps
— LED lighting fixtures rather than standard incandescent
— Radiant flooring home heating
— Insulated windows

3. An illumination, brilliant washroom

All property owners try to find brilliant, open spaces. The brighter your bathroom, the bigger it appears. As well as if you’re putting in money and time right into improving your shower room, do not permit your concept choices go undetected in a sinister, vague space– lights will definitely exhibit your bathroom remodel financial investment wonderfully. Three techniques to make a brighter bathroom:

— Add windows and skylights
— Use lighting fixtures for various reasons throughout the restroom
— Choose coatings as well as surface areas that are actually reflective as well as lightweight

When thinking of redesigning your washroom, make sure to inquire yourself if each product fits the three functions above. Fortunately, the current high-design fads certainly not merely appear beautiful yet handle these points. Right here are our preferred shower room upgrading ideas to incorporate currently:

Modern Lighting

The biggest electricity effiency you may add to your shower room is via LED lighting fixtures. Depending on to the United States Department of Energy, LED lights use at the very least 75% much less electricity, and also last 25 opportunities much longer, than incandescent illumination.

Besides savings power, LED lighting fixtures incorporates a beautiful layout component. They can be scheduled to change different colors as well as may be made use of securely near water. They are actually best for DIY ventures because they’re simple to set up in any type of washroom. Besides duty lights, some ingenious ways to use LEDs include:

— To include color to water in a tub or sink
— As a color wash impact on a wall structure
— To back light-toned wall structure exemplifies
— To light counters or shelves


The most recent style styles in Europe equated the latest in buyer electronics like the gold Iphone 6 into wonderful, metal ceramic tile. Metal wall surface ceramic tiles provide a shower room a fashion-forward appeal while including the impression of more area to a shower room, because of the floor tile’s captivating and reflective premiums.

One more means to add the metallic element to your bathroom is through repainting the wall surfaces along with metallic paints from Ralph Lauren or Benjamin Moore.

Include Bold Flooring To Your Bathroom Ideas List

The fad for color in the restroom continues to be white or neutral in order to exhibit factors like a wonderful free-standing tub or a wall structure of lovely metal floor tile. Yet a washroom needs a graphic dose of style someplace as well as vibrant flooring is actually the most recent.

If you’re certainly not all set for a vibrant flooring, incorporate a large, visuals floor rug in your bathroom. You can additionally read more regarding washroom floor tile ideas listed here.

Alluring, Ergonomic Design

The liquid as well as seamless curvy layout of electronics as well as personal computers today is additionally pertaining to your washroom. Boxy slants are actually out, while lovely curvilinear designs are actually coming to be even more on call in the shower room item market. You do not need to incorporate arcs to the whole entire washroom– decide on 2 or even 3 aspects for balance. Some great bathroom remodeling concepts to go ergonomic desk are actually:

— Add curve to one bathroom wall surface
— Choose taps or even fixtures that are actually a bit even more pivoted and improved
— Hang wall surface decor that highlights cycles and arcs

Some of the leading asked for design factors in restrooms today is a free-standing tub. If you have the room for one, select a tub that cocoons you in its curves.

A Floating Vanity

To create a restroom seem much larger, open up as well as bypass wall-to-wall cupboards up the room. A great way to perform this is actually through developing a shower room counter or even narcissism that seems to float.

An additional way to obtain the appeal is through skipping the traditional cupboard narcissism base and also making use of a couch dining table along with open shelving listed below. Make certain the table is a minimum required of 16″ deeper to suit your sink( s).

Integrated Sinks

Integrated sinks are built into, and of the very same component, as the restroom counter. They develop a smart as well as seamless appeal that’s low servicing, because there’s no joints that dirt or water can acquire under.

You can easily likewise produce an integrated-sink look through picking an undermount sink in the very same different colors as your countertop.

Wash as One With Nature

The trendiest restroom redesigning idea is actually an indoor/outdoor restroom. Do not think about privacy, the latest restroom specialist consists of electrical privacy glass– glass that instantaneously switches over coming from clear to frosted at a flick of a switch. Home window makers have actually additionally designed home windows as well as windows with built in colors in between the glass boards that can easily open and finalize online.

Ways to add the indoor/outdoor look to your bathroom consist of:

— An outdoor downpour along with a glass door for accessibility from the shower room
— A large glass wall surface or even window in front of a tub or even shower with a stunning garden outside
— Skylights that deliver the view of the sky into the shower room
— A wall of plants in the shower room that bring the outsides in
— A zen downpour with reduced servicing delicious landscape as well as waterway rock bed linen environments